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Mangrove Sculpture

Mangrove Sculpture

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Mangrove: Where Nature and Art Converge! Inspired by Brazil's lush mangroves, these sculptures are more than just works of art, they are a tangible reminder of the crucial role of mangroves in our ecology. We are passionate about bringing nature directly into your home, celebrating the complexity and importance of these ecosystems.

Usage Tip:
Great for using with dry plants or with water for your favorite flower. Mangroves are very versatile pieces, they can be used alone or in sets of different sizes, creating movement in your environment. Great dining table, coffee table, sideboards and outdoor area.

Small - 23x12
Medium - 33x13
Large - 40x16

Note: Measurements are approximate and may have a margin of error of 1.5 cm.

Delivery Time: 35 days

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