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Tributary Vessel

Tributary Vessel

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A journey through Brazil's river basin with our new "Affluents" collection, which tells the story of the waters that snake through our land. The mix of colors dancing on the ceramics was inspired by Brazilian rivers, while the crack is a tribute to waterfalls.

Usage Tip:
Great for using with dry plants or with water for your favorite wildflower. Affluents are very versatile pieces, they can be used alone or in sets of different sizes, creating movement in your environment. Great dining table, coffee table, sideboards, shelves, kitchen countertops, bathroom and more.
Tributaries Series 01 P
Size (HxWxD): 27x19
Weight: 1.8kg

Tributaries Series 01 G
Size (HxWxD): 37x20
Weight: 2.6 kg

Tributaries Series 02 P
Size (HxWxD): 19x18
Weight: 1.4kg

Tributaries Series 02 G
Size (HxWxD): 22x18
Weight: 1.7kg

Note: Measurements are approximate and may have a margin of error of 1.5 cm. Delivery Time: 35 days

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